Anne VALLUY is a French photographer now based in the UK after living 20 years in Singapore. Anne specializes in corporate photography, headshots and event photography but not only!


Anne relocated in London, Isleworth in January 2024. She created her first company in April 2009 in Singapore and now has a Sole in the UK!

 "I just love to capture people's expression through my lens and adore watching their smile when they see their own pictures. A session with me is not just click and goodbye, I take time to learn about your business, your needs and your personality. This preparation prior to the session is key for a great result!


Anne will advise you on make-up, clothes and the best pose given your work, body shape, complexion and desire.


Booking a corporate or family session with Anne is a ticket to a relaxed and enjoyable moment, which will be reflected on the photos. Her warm personality will make you forget the camera and feel at home because she knows you hate the camera!


Anne also shares her love of Singapore with her unique close-ups collages of shop houses and tropical plants! Her creations have already found homes all over the world. Have a look at her artwork, she is also keen to take on ideas and new orders! You can place orders both in Singapore and the UK.


Anne is a happy soul, mother of 2 grown-ups who left the nest, she has a gorgeous Shetland sheepdog to keep her company. she won’t mind family session with your pet! She loves photography, dancing, singing and people. Anne’s universal language is smiling and kindness.

Proudly selected by BEST in SINGAPORE